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cropped-cropped-CMIT-Logo.pngAlthough for identification purposes, molecular methods are freely available to many laboratories, organisms cannot be described in the scientific literature purely on sequence information alone. A polyphasic taxonomic approach is not only desired but also often essential. On the establishment of chemotaxonomic methods within my own laboratory, an increasing number of requests from collaborators demonstrated the wider need for these methods. Many of these methods are no longer practiced in the majority of labs and therefore we now offer these methods as a service to the wider scientific community.

        In April and May of 2012, funds garnered from both the OU Provost and the VP Office of Research allowed me to bring in Hans Jürgen Busse from the University of Vienne. Professor Busse is a recognized world authority on a number of chemotaxonomic methods and during his time in my lab, he shared his experience and knowledge in the establishment of a number of these methods that have now become an important tool in both CMIT and my research program as a whole.

We offer rates for both Academic Institutions/Non-Profit Organisms and Industry/For-Profite Organizations. Please contact for current rates regarding the services below.


  • Fatty Acid Analysis (MIDI System)
  • Polar Lipid Analysis (TLC)
  • Quinone Analysis (HPLC)
  • DAP Analysis (TLC)
  • Whole Cell Sugars (TLC)
  • Mycolic Acid (TLC)
  • Fermentation End Products (HPLC)
  • G+C Content (HPLC)
  • Partial 16S rRNA Sequence Analysis
  • Full 16S rRNA Sequence Analysis
  • Full Phylogenetic Analysis via Complete 16S rRNA Analysis

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